Here at Synergy Physio we are passionate about physiotherapy and education!

  • Do you have hip pain?  Would like to know professional tips in understanding and reducing your pain?
  • Do you have back pain? Would you like your very own guided program to help you back to good health?
  • Are you a yogi or yoga teacher and want to understand anatomy and prevent injury?
  • Are you a therapist and seek a better understanding of hip pathology and physiotherapy management from Nichole Hamilton, whose expertise includes 20 years of clinical practice in hip and pelvic pain?

We have developed a wide range of online learning options to offer help to you from the comfort of your own home!

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Here we offer:

  • For Patients: Expert physiotherapy advice on the management of hip pain with our Six Step Healthy Hip Program, as well as Tips for Hips videos. We also will soon be offering The Synergy Physio ‘Back to Health’ Program- our very own guided back care program designed to help you!
  • For Yogi’s: Anatomy and Injury Prevention Courses for yogi’s and yoga teachers
  • For Therapists: The Essential Hip Course – Nichole’s online education course on the treatment of hip pain for therapists- Coming soon!

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  • Do you have hip pain and want to understand why and what to do about it?
  • Do you have groin pain or pain on the outside of your hip?
  • Having difficulties walking, running or simply getting out of a chair?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a labral tear, hip impingement or trochanteric bursitis?
  • With expertise in the management of hip pain, we are pleased to offer you downloadable videos on the management of hip pain, bursitis, hip impingement and labral tear!

    See our shop page for details!

    Hip Pain Shop!


    For yogi’s and yoga teachers we offer a wide range of educational tools on anatomy and injury prevention in class!

    • Are you a yoga teacher seeking professional anatomy and injury prevention advice from a qualified physiotherapist to help build your studio and keep your classes full?
    • Do you love your yoga practice, but pain or injury is preventing you from getting to class?

    If you would like a better understanding of your anatomy and how to prevent injury in your yoga classes, see our shop page!

    In addition we also offer class downloads! Are you a beginner yogi who would like your own downloadable class to enjoy from the comfort of your own home? Do you have back pain, knee pain or neck/shoulder pain, and would like your own class to download that includes a combination of beginner yoga, pilates and physio advice?

    Instructed by our qualified phsyiotherapist Nichole Hamilton, in conjuction with our exercsie physiologist Paula Magrani, our classes are developed with you in mind!

    Check our our class downloads on our shop page!

    In addition, our sister website offers all of our online learning options. Check out our site for more!

    Yoga Pain Shop
    Free Podcast!
    Webinar- Understanding the Pelvis
    Webinar- Hip Impingement
    Webinar- Hip Arthroscopy


    Are you a physiotherapist keen to learn more about the complex hip and pelvis? Our principal physiotherapist Nichole Hamilton has 20 years of clinical expertise in the management of hip and pelvic pain. She has also been providing lectures, webinars, podcasts and workshops for physio’s since 2007 and loves helping physio’s understand this complex region.

    Access her Free Podcast! for information on the potential causes and management of labral tears, and develop your understanding hip injuries and labral tears. Thanks to the support of PhysioEdge podcasts.

    Nichole has provided a wide range of online courses and webinars with Clinical Edge since 2006. Clinical Edge have become world leaders in online educational resources for physiotherapists- check out their resources to help you in your physio practice!

    Nichole also offers one hour online webinars on the management of hip and pelvic pain with World Health Webinars. These three one hour lectures outline assessment of the SIJ and Pelvis, understanding the biomechanics of the hip and impingement, and finally surgical and post-operative management of labral tears.

    Are you a physiotherapist interested in attending a physio workshop with Nichole? See our workshops and lectures page for details of her next workshop!