Back Pain

Why Does My Back Always Go ‘Out’? Is a question we are often asked. And often it can feel like you are battling a never ending cycle of intermittent and unpredictable pain that limits your life.

The good news is a thorough analysis by our physiotherapists can determine the cause of your problems and outline a plan to overcome them. The other good news is, although it may feel like it, bones do not generally go ‘out of place’! However, there are times when certain joints can become extremely restricted and painful. This can be a result of injury or sometimes be a result of some muscles in our body being too tight and others too weak.

Analysis of all of the contributing factors to your back pain is essential to recovery. Treatment to the bones and joints can help relieve your pain; however functional exercise to the right muscles is often needed to stop the problem coming back. A combined approach to treatment can create optimal long-term results.

Our team work to treat you as an individual with your own unique difficulties and goals. We analyse and assess your spine and its functional movement patterns to determine what might be causing and contributing to pain. We provide a combination of manual therapy, education, self treatment ideas and exercise to assist you in achieving your goals. Where necessary we work alongside specialists for referral for MRI or CT scans and also provide post-operative care following spinal surgery.

For an appointment contact us 0754483369. Health care rebates apply

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