Foot and Ankle Injuries

From acute ankle sprains to more chronic foot conditions such as plantarfasciosis and achillies tendon problems, we provide extended consultations to fully understand why your foot or ankle is hurting and what to do about it. We may need to assess your ligaments and ankle stability, your foot alignment and control, the mobility of your ankle and foot joints, your footwear or your gait pattern in order to understand your problem thoroughly.

Our physiotherapists have extensive experience in the management of both acute and chronic foot and ankle injuries. Nichole has extensive experience with treatment of foot problems related to dance and ballet.

We provide a thorough one-on-one assessment and together provide a treatment plan to return you to your goals. This can include manual therapy, taping and guided exercise prescription to assist you in your recovery.
Health care rebates available.

Call us for an appointment today on 0754483369

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