Hip Pain and Groin Pain

There can be many reasons for groin pain, including adductor tendon problems, inguinal hernia, hip dysfunction or pubic joint problems. Sometimes there can be multiple factors at play and it is common to have more than one problem occurring at once.

Our physio’s can provide a thorough assessment to determine what might be causing your pain. If appropriate our physio’s might refer you to a sports medicine physician or specialist for further tests or scans.

Hip pain can be a result of tendon problems, bursa problems, labral tears, joint irritation or joint degeneration such as osteo-arthritis. Our physio’s provide expert assessment and diagnosis as well as a thorough assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms. We can address any of the factors that are contributing to your pain, which can include tight muscles, muscle weakness, joint restriction or sports technique. Together we can guide you with your rehabilitation and return you to your goals.

See our Online videos for ideas on how to manage your own hip pain

Nichole’s area of interest and expertise is hip and pelvic pain. She has lectured nationally on the management of hip pain with seminars on Sports Medicine conferences and also with online webinars. She runs regular courses in Sydney and Melbourne to teach physiotherapists on the management of labral tear and hip impingement.

Access to Nichole’s free Podcast with physioedge on the management of labral tears

Access to her Online webinars for physiotherapists on the management of pelvic dysfunction, hip impingement and hip arthroscopy.

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