Neck Pain, TMJ and Headaches

The upper neck joints can be a source of neck pain and headache. These joints can become overloaded or painful with acute injury such as whiplash, or gradually over time with postural changes or arthritis.

There can be many other contributing factors that place unwanted load onto your neck, including your computer set up, your shoulder muscles and your thoracic spine. This can be assessed and managed by our physiotherapists which will include hands on therapy, ergonomic advice and exercise prescription for pain relief and prevention.

Occasionally the cranium and TMJ may also be a factor contributing to your pain and headaches. Nichole has studied cranio-sacral therapy with the Upledger Institute both in the UK and Australia. Cranial is a very gentle hands-on technique. When appropriate to your presenting problem, Nichole can combine cranial work with traditional physiotherapy techniques, which can be a gentle and effective treatment for headaches, jaw (TMJ) pain and neck pain.

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