Thoracic and Rib Problems

Upper back pain? Rib pain? Middle back pain? The thoracic spine and rib cage can be a source of pain or dysfunction for many reasons. It is often an underestimated source of problems and can also contribute to lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, reduced sports performance and altered breathing. There is not a lot of research available in managing thoracic conditions.
One of the world leaders in developing unique and innovative assessment and treatment techniques for the thorax is Dr LJ Lee. For more information on LJ and her ‘thoracic ring’ approach click here.
Nichole has completed many courses under the expert guidance of LJ Lee who has worked tirelessly to push the boundaries of our understanding of the thorax and recently complete her PhD. Nichole has assisted LJ on her courses for physiotherapists in Brisbane over the last 2 years and is able to assess and treat your thorax and rib cage with a fresh approach.
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