Are you suffering pain throughout or after your pregnancy? Need some expert and caring advice on how to relieve your pain and help yourself during this important time?

Low back pain, pelvic pain, groin pain and rib pain during or after pregnancy can be a result of a change in hormones, a change in posture throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding and can also be related to childbirth.

Here at Synergy Physio our team have a special interest in pregnancy related pain and expertise in the treatment of pelvic, SIJ, pubic symphysis and lumbar pain during and after pregnancy.

We use a combination of gentle manual therapy, self treatment techniques and exercise based rehabilitation focusing on pelvic stability including pilates based work.

Pelvic belts are also available for purchase to assist in stabilisation of the SIJ or pubic symphysis if required. Advice on women’s health and pelvic floor exercises can also be provided.

For information and advice on post-partum pelvic floor exercises please download our free advice sheet.

Don’t delay, your health is important at this time. If you have questions or would like to make an appointment with one of our expert physiotherapy team members, please call us on 07 5448 3369

This advice sheet is not intended or designed to replace expert individual physiotherapy or women's health assessment