Sports Injuries

Stretch...and avoid injuryWhether you are a professional athlete or weekend amateur sports person, sports injuries can have an impact on your sports performance and daily life.
Sports injuries can include acute injuries such as ligament sprains and tears, fractures or dislocations, muscle strains or tears and joint injury. Acute soft tissue injuries, muscle tears and tendon injuries need the guidance of graded exercise rehabilitation for optimal recovery and to prevent further problems down the track.
Sports injuries are not always acute injuries! Occasionally sports injuries can cause a gradual onset of symptoms or pain. Chronic sports injuries can include tendinopathies, stress fractures, joint overload and muscle imbalance, all contributing to reduced sports performance and pain.
There are many reasons for the onset of chronic sports injury. Reasons can include poor equipment (such as shoes or incorrect bike set up), muscle imbalance (some muscles too weak and others too strong) or non-optimal sports technique (such as running technique, golf swing or swimming stroke).
Here at Synergy Physio we have extensive experience in functional movement and biomechanical assessment that is needed to address chronic sports injury. Nichole has worked at one of Sydney’s leading sports medicine practices for over 5 years which has provided her with a wealth of experience in the assessment and treatment of sports injuries. Her integrated approach in managing sports injury and performance means she provides a thorough assessment of all contributing factors to your presenting problem. This means an assessment of your presenting injury, your functional movement pattern and also your sporting technique. All of these factors may need addressing in order to recover from your symptoms.
Treatment for chronic sports injury can include manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, dry needling, taping, exercises to address any underlying muscle imbalance and a graded program of exercise to correct, retrain and optimise your sports technique. We work alongside Sports Medicine Physicians to provide expert care and assistance to managing your pain and helping you return to your fitness and sports goals.
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