Golfing Injuries by Jess Morrin

I have a confession to make. I am in no way a great golfer. In fact, I have bought my clubs (that’s something right?) but they are still sitting in my spare room, waiting to be used.

Working at Synergy Physio in Peregian Springs has put me into contact with a lot more golfers and the injuries associated. Physio’s are often presented with a wide range of injuries to rehabilitate related to sports, and although golf is non-contact, we see just as many injuries here as any other sport. Let’s share now with the most common injuries we see here at Synergy Physio related to golf, as well as a list of quick effective solutions.

Common issues and injuries with Golf:

  • Back pain. So many patients report back pain, especially with the high powered driver swing.
  • Knee pain. Knee pain and lower back pain are probably the two primary complaints we see, largely because both of these areas in the body are not really designed to twist. The twisting centres of the body include the hips and the torso (thorax and rib cage) and any stiffness here can impact your lower back or knees during your golf swing.
  • Pelvic or SIJ pain. The pelvic joints are important load-bearing joints in the body and like the lower back and knee area- these joints don’t like to twist. Stiffness in the primary twisting centres (rib cage and hips) as well as a lack of pelvic stability can lead to over load of these joints which can result to to pelvic pain during the golf swing. Would you like to know more about how to improve your core stability and strength? See our classes page for details of our physio-pilates classes- health fund rebates apply!
  • Shoulder pain. Mis-hits and a lack of drive through the lower body can all contribute to overuse injuries or jarring into the delicate rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder. Learn more about shoulder pain.

What do I do- solutions to golf related pain?

It is important to see your health professional to discuss the best ways to treat your personal situation, and they can provide pain relief as well! In the meantime here are a few of our favourite tips to help you swinging your club with more power and less pain!

  • Turn your leading leg out slightly. This can reduce twisting load on the knee and lower back. This also helps your pelvis to follow through and reduces load on the pelvic joints and the structures of the low back.
  • Use your lower body to drive rather than your upper body. Again, this helps the pelvis to follow through and it will increase your power! This can also protect the shoulders and upper body from overuse injuries.
  • Keep your torso mobile by working on your trunk rotation. Your physiotherapist can show you a variety of stretches that are relevant for you. We have a few of our favourite stretches on our facebook and youtube channel!
  • Try to move the rib cage together with the pelvis, (don’t leave your pelvis behind!). If you put one had on the chest bone and one onto the pelvis, these points should stay in line during your swing.

Jessica Morin - Golfing Injuries SpecialistIf you are experiencing pain with golf, don’t grin and bear it! We can help you get back on track to doing what you love with a thorough assessment and treatment approach.

Jessica Morrin

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Nichole is a physiotherapist, yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher. She passionate about women's health, physiotherapy and education- all to benefit you and your health! She lectures regularly at physiotherapy and orthopaedic conferences on the management of hip and pelvic pain. Her expert knowledge has also been shared on popular podcasts and online learning platforms including The Yoga Physio, Clinical Edge online learning, Physioedge podcast, My Hip Pain Relief and World Health Webinars. She looks forward to sharing her expertise and inspiring you toward better health- mind body and heart.

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