NicholeNichole is passionate about physiotherapy education! She constantly works to improve her understanding and skills in physiotherapy treatment approaches and believes the learning journey for improving patient outcomes simply never ends. Nichole has been inspired to consistently challenge her knowledge and skills in all areas of physiotherapy including manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription and patient communication.

Nichole’s passion for education and assisting both patients and physiotherapists reach their potential inspired her to start teaching in 2007. Her first lectures on the management of hip and pelvic pain with North Sydney Sports Medicine were based on her extensive experience in treating hip pain alongside her orthopaedic colleague Dr Michael O’Sullivan. This soon developed into her half day workshop for physiotherapists on pre and post operative management of acetabular labral tears which she taught with Dr O’Sullivan from 2007-2011. Her course evolved into a full day workshop of understanding the hip, hip impingement, labral tears, biomechanics and all of the influencing factors that can contribute to load on the anterior hip.

Now titled “The Irritable Hip” this workshop provides a combined understanding of anatomy, biomechanics, exercise prescription and an integrated understanding of different elements that can contribute to hip pain in individual patients. Nichole’s aim is to provide a supportive learning environment with practical assessment and treatment skills that can be used the next day in your clinic. She looks forward to meeting you on her next workshop!

“The Irritable Hip” Workshop for Physiotherapists

exercise1What is hip arthroscopy?What causes acetabular labral tear?How does the lumbo-pelvic region and lower limb chain contribute to hip joint problems?How can we tailor rehabilitation?Your questions answered in this workshop!

Nichole Hamilton, physiotherapist previously with North Sydney Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine has worked closely with orthopaedic hip specialist Dr Michael O’Sullivan in developing the post-operative protocol for hip arthroscopy. This protocol is outlined in their workshop. The surgical procedure and reasons for labral tear will be presented. This includes analysis of hip functional and structural impairments (including FAI and dysplasia) that may contribute to hip pain. Practical tests for lumbar-pelvic and other biomechanical dysfunction and its effect on the hip will be outlined. Examples of suitable manual therapy and practical demonstration of rehabilitation exercise in line with the 12 week post-operative protocol will be included.


Great mix of theory and practical with good case histories, thanks Nik” Dr Tom Cross

This course not only enhanced my management of these patients, but also improved my abililty to prescribe closed chain lower limb and core training for a wide variety of lower limb and lumbar pathologies. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!” A.Wafer

“Nik’s explanations are easy to understand and apply, for biomechanical assessment and rehabilitation” Sydney May 2010

Next workshop:

Sydney - Sunday July 19th 2015
Brisbane - Sunday August 9th 2015

Workshops by Nichole Hamilton will be managed by Clinical Edge Pty Ltd
Once your payment has been processed with Clinical Edge, a receipt will be emailed directly and confirmation details can be found on course confirmation page.
This workshop has a practical element, please wear comfortable clothing. Tea/Coffee/Light snacks/Lunch will be provided. A comprehensive manual and post-operative arthroscopy protocol will be included. For questions please contact Clinical Edge.

Hip Arthroscopy Post-Operative Protocol

The following post-operative protocol is available to physiotherapists for the purposes of patient care and guidance after hip arthroscopy. Please be advised this protocol remains the intellectual property of Nichole Hamilton and Dr Michael O’Sullivan and may not be reproduced or used for any other purpose other than for which is stated. For any queries regarding this protocol please contact Nichole Hamilton on

A PDF of our written protocol is available for

Online video support is provided for physiotherapists to assist with patient rehabilitation following surgery. This short video is designed as a guide for physiotherapists to assist in the post-operative physiotherapy rehabilitation of patients following hip arthroscopy. It is not designed or intended to replace individual patient assessment, clinical reasoning or specific post-operative instructions from an orthopaedic surgeon. It describes a simple three phase rehabilitation program for patients following hip arthroscopy, as well as ideas on postural advice and manual therapy in the weeks following surgery.

If you are a physiotherapist that requires access to this online video support please complete the form, you will receive an email within few minutes with a password to get access to the Video



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