Are you seeking expert exercise guidance to improve your health or recovery from pain? Are you interested in tailored exercise rehabilitation setting with a qualified supportive physiotherapy team to guide you to better health? Would you like your classes to include pilates inspired exercises as well as yoga, resistance training and functional movement rehabilitation all tailored to you needs to recover from injury, improve your posture, core stability, strength or bone health?

Synergy Physio normally offers a wide range of small group rehabilitation to assist you in improving your health and wellbeing! However due to the recent restrictions due to COVID 19 we have moved all of our group classes simply to FREE ONLINE!

FREE? That’s right. We understand that many of you in the community are suffering with the uncertainty that surrounds COVID 19. Many of you are experiencing stress, body aches and pains as well as the concerns for your health, family, businesses and finances.

So we are here to help YOU! We are so happy to offer a variety of simple 30 min guided exercise program that you can access from the comfort of your own home! Simply book yourself in, then you will receive your zoom link prior to class. If you have a mat, and some resistance band handy it would help! Then simply click the link and join in!

Current classes offered

  • Physio-fit with Caitlin– a 30 min blend of pilates and postural strengthening for your core, gluteals and upper body strength
  • Stress Less Yoga With Caitlin or Niky– a 30 min gentle yoga sequence designed to calm stress and relax
  • ‘Stretch and Sip’ with Niky- At the end of the week- its all about balance! Combining two of our favourites- wine tasting and yoga! Join Niky for a short wine tasting followed by a gentle yoga stretch class on Fridays- starts after Easter!

For all group class times and booking- please simply book online!

pilates classes sunshine coast

We keep our small group sessions personalised and tailored to your needs. Classes are by appointment only as spaces are strictly limited to ensure your personalised attention. We offer health fund rebates. Please contact our friendly reception team on 07 5448 3369 to reserve your space.

Currently this timetable is unavailable due to COVID- 19 restrictions- but we look forward to bringing our classes back to help you with your health sooon!


9.30 AM
Duo Physio Class

10.30 AM
Functional-Physio Class

11.30 AM
Functional-Physio Class

6.30 PM
Prenatal Yoga Class


8.00 AM
Functional-Physio class

9.00 AM
Functional-Physio class

10.00 AM
Physio- Fit class

11.00 AM
Mums and Bubs!


8 AM
Functional Physio class

9 AM
Functional Physio class


8 AM
Functional-Physio Class

9 AM
Functional Physio Class

10 AM
Physio-fit Class


9 AM
Functional Physio class

10 AM
Physio- Fit class

11.30 AM
Physio-Flow class

All exercise rehabilitation classes are by appointment only as spaces are strictly limited, so please contact our friendly reception team to book your space in class. Health fund rebates apply for all classes taught by our physiotherapists or exercise physiology team, provided an initial individual physiotherapy assessment has been attended to establish your individual health concerns and goals.

Group Rehabilitation Descriptions

Physio Rehabilitation Exercise- Duo

Functional physiotherapy strengthening exercises in an individual tailored setting to improve posture and core stability within a small and personalised group of two. This is arranged by appointment – please contact our friendly reception team for available times. Utilising pilates reformer, pilates inspired matwork and small equipment including balance and resistance training. A physiotherapist or accredited exercise physiologist will guide you to understanding how to accurately activate and strengthen your core and postural muscles exercises tailored to your own bodies needs and injuries. Suitable for rehabilitation and recovery from low back pain, thoracic pain and posture related injuries. 45 min

Functional-Physio Group

This class has a focus on functional strength training with tailored pilates inspired exercises in a small group of 4. Improve posture and core stability utilising pilates reformer equipment, weights and small equipment for functional rehabilitation to help you achieve your goals. Suitable for rehabilitation and recovery from low back pain, thoracic pain and posture related injuries. Our physiotherapists will assess and guide you individually to understanding how to accurately activate and strengthen your core and postural muscles with a series of more challenging functional strengthening exercises, pilates reformer and small equipment based exercises. 60 min

Physio-Flow Group

A fusion of physiotherapy exercises, yoga and functional pilates inspired core strength to aid in the recovery from back, neck and musculoskeletal pain. Classes include a flow of relaxation, beginner to intermediate vinyasa yoga flow, pilates inspired core stability work, as well as physio rehabilitation and strengthening exercises. This class involves relaxation techniques for stress management and yoga inspired stretches that would suit the tighter body type! 60 min

Physio-Fit Group

Are you seeking to improve your health with the benefits of strengthening and weights exercise- but are intimidated by gyms, have injuries or simply don’t know where to start? Would you like a safe and supported environment with physiotherapy instruction to build your strength, balance, bone health and general health? This shorter 45 min targeted circuit class is for you and includes tailored postural strengthening, core stability, functional resistance strength work and weights as well as balance training. Safe, fun and supportive environment for all ages, also suitable for those needing guidance for managing osteoporosis. 45 min

Mums and Bub’s Group

Would you like a safe and supported environment with a qualified women’s health physiotherapist to guide your health after having your baby? Our mums and bubs classes are offered with both Caitlin and Rebecca and include tailored exercise to support pelvic floor recovery, recovery from rectus diastisus, core stability and functional pilates inspired strengthening to support your health with your new baby.  Utilising equipment including pilates reformer and resistance equipment, this class is designed especially for mums! One on one physiotherapy assessment is required prior to class which may include specific ultrasound assessment to ensure the health of your abdominal wall or pelvic floor. *Please note we have dedicated time at 11am on Thursdays for mums and bubs, however attendance to Rebecca or Caitlin’s ‘Functional Physio’ class times may be suitable for your mums and bubs class- please contact our friendly reception team for details!

Prenatal Yoga- Birth and Beyond Package

Monday nights 6.30- 7.30pm with Caitlin Pender- Bookings essential. A 5 week group program to educate and empower you for birth and beyond designed by a Women’s Health Physiotherapists with guest lectures from a naturopath and midwife. Package inclusions are:

  • Prenatal education presented by Caitlin Pender: Women’s Health physiotherapist, clinical Pilates and prenatal yoga instructor.
  • Topics covered include:
    • Pregnancy: the pelvic floor, how to manage common conditions during pregnancy including pelvic girdle pain, back pain, swelling and vascular problems.
    • Preparing the body for birth
    • Postnatal recovery: optimal recovery from vaginal birth and c-section, tips for lifting and carrying bub, tips for preventing abdominal separation.
  • Guest Lectures from Dr Vanessa Doyle: Naturopath and Midwife Amy Paulinich on optimal foetal positioning and active birthing
  • 5x prenatal yoga classes lead by a physiotherapist and designed to prevent pain and improve function during pregnancy
  • Lifetime access to our online program “Birth and Beyond” and equipment for home yoga, meditation and Pilates practice

Our friendly team of teachers:

Nichole Hamilton– Physiotherapist, Yoga Instructor

Rebecca Horrocks– Physiotherapist, Womens Health

Caitlin Pender – Physiotherapist, Womens Health, Yoga Instructor

Alix Arcalean- Physiotherapist

Note: You must be assessed by a Synergy Physio to attend these classes. Your therapist will provide you with a diagnosis and direct you to which class you need to attend. Your therapist and teacher will tailor your group therapy class to you and your goals.


Due to the nature of appointment based sessions, Synergy Physio respectfully requires 24 hours notice should you wish to cancel your class appointment. Any less notice will result in 100% charge for the session. You can attend your class on a casual PAYG basis, or save by purchasing a 5 class pass. Please note that all 5 class packs have a 3 month expiry from the date of purchase and are non-transferable. A dated health fund receipt will be issued at the attendance of each class in order for you to claim directly from your fund.

Would you like your very own class to download and enjoy from the comfort of your own home? Do you have an injury that’s preventing you from attending your usual class, and would like your own class led by a qualified physiotherapist and exercise physiologist?

Check our SHOP page for more details!

  • Please submit your email address, you will receive an email with the link to Download the Video in a few minutes

  • Please submit your email address, you will receive an email with the link to Download the Video in a few minutes

  • Please submit your email address, you will receive an email with the link to Download the Video in a few minutes

  • Please submit your email address, you will receive an email with the link to Download the Video in a few minutes