Here at Synergy Physio we offer personalised physiotherapy services tailored to you. Our TeamFinding a solution to your pain or injury and helping you return to your goals is important to us! As such we always spend one on one time with you for assessment and treatment, which means we don’t leave you alone during your treatment time to attend to someone else! We have longer appointment times to provide a thorough assessment and a variety of treatment options.

Here at Synergy Physio we have been extensively involved in developing expertise in the management of spinal and hip problems and we have expertise in the management of spinal, pelvic, hip and chronic injuries. We have worked alongside Australia’s most well known centres for the management of hip and spinal pain including the Sydney Spine and Pelvis Centre, Brisbane Hip Clinic and North Sydney Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre. We also work closely with GPs, specialists and sports medicine physicians to ensure the best outcome for your health.

Our principal physiotherapist Nichole has assisted on Spinal Manual Therapy courses for physiotherapists since 2005. Nichole has also lectured in the area of management of SIJ and hip dysfunction with World Health Webinars and Clinical Edge professional online learning platforms, as well as running her own hip courses for physiotherapists in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth since 2007.

Our expertise also lies in our approach. We can assess your individual biomechanics, your functional movement patterns and spend the time to assess how different parts of your body might interrelate. This integrated approach can make sense of how your previous ankle injury might be contributing to your hip or back pain, how your thorax might be contributing to sports performance or groin pain on the bike, or how your upper neck pain and headaches might be stemming from your lifting or running technique! The integrated approach we use is called the Connect Therapy TM method, which is a specific 12 months post graduate training with which only a handful of physiotherapists in Queensland are currently qualified. Here at Synergy Physio practice both Principal Nichole Hamilton and Jessica Morrin are a fully qualified Connect Therapy physiotherapists. Together they mentor all Synergy physio staff in this approach.

Here at Synergy Physio we regularly utilise the Connect Therapy approach to determine any factors that may have been adding to your problems that are ‘outside the square’ and can be missed or overlooked. As a result we commonly assesses chronic or ‘difficult’ cases with fresh eyes.

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The team at Synergy Physio look forward meeting you and helping you attain your goals and manage your pain or injury!

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