• Are you suffering chronic pain and feel despondent with the endless cycle of chiro, physio or osteo?
  • Does your problem just keep coming back and it feels like there is not a long-term solution or fix?
  • Do you have a recurrent sports injury that keeps returning and seems to resist conventional treatment approaches and you feel like you would like a fresh pair of eyes that offer thorough assessment?
  • Do you feel like a past unrelated injury might be affecting your pain, yet no one seems to listen or even assess that link?

Here at Synergy Physio we have expertise in the management of chronic or difficult to manage conditions. We spend time with your assessment, looking outside the square at complex, recurrent or chronic pain with our thorough assessment known as the Connect Therapy TM method. We are one of only a handful physiotherapists of trained in Queensland Connect Therapy TM assessment. Using this approach, we can find long standing and undetected patterns that might be contributing to your pain.

Perhaps your old ankle injury is affecting your gait pattern creating a knock on effect into your spine? Or that previous whiplash that seems to have created a cascade of problems right down to the knee? Or your pregnancy 15 years ago has left you with ongoing issues limiting your activities?

The Connect Therapy approach in managing pain can at last provide you with a complete picture of your injury and make a complete plan in the steps toward recovery! We offer longer appointments and a thorough analysis that can determine the cause of your problems and outline a plan to overcome them.

Together we are passionate about providing world class care and rehabilitation for chronic or recurrent pain management. We are dedicated to helping you back to health and back to doing the things you love.

We also offer complete education packages on pain management, including mindfulness meditation courses, pain education and courses including our “Back to Health” program.

Would you just like to speak to one of our team to help understand if physiotherapy is the right choice for you? Or do you simply have some questions?

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