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Our Team - Synergy Physio

Our team here at Synergy Physio welcomes you! We look forward to assisting you with your health with physiotherapy, exercise rehabilitation, massage, yoga, pilates and a variety of courses and classes. Our friendly reception team look forward to assisting you with appointments, GP referrals and questions. Contact us for all enquires or appointment bookings contact us on: 07 5448 3369

Nichole Hamilton - Synergy Physio

Nichole Hamilton- Principal

Physiotherapist, Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Demartini Facilitator

Nichole has over 20 years of clinical experience in physiotherapy private practice with expertise in spinal, pelvic and hip conditions. She has worked in both London and Sydney alongside Australia’s leading Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Doctors. Nichole Hamilton founded Synergy Physio on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in 2007 with a view to providing patients with an expert team of physio’s, offering longer appointments, thorough assessment and treatment with both manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation. Nichole has carefully handpicked her entire team to ensure both a caring and professional approach to physiotherapy care for all of our patients. She ensures a mentoring approach with her whole team to ensure your care.

Nichole’s area of expertise is spine, pelvic (sacroiliac joint) and hip pain. Her additional training has also included Connect Therapy. Nichole regularly utilises the Connect Therapy approach to determine any factors that may have been adding to your problems that are ‘outside the square’ and can be missed or overlooked. As a result Nichole commonly assesses chronic or ‘difficult’ cases with a fresh biomechanical approach and offers ‘second opinion’ services for patients and physiotherapists.

Read more about Nichole Hamilton here

Like to book an appointment with Nichole? Call us on: 07 5448 3369

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Alix Arcalean

Physiotherapist, Pilates 

Alix graduated from The University of British Columbia, Canada with her Bachelor in Clinical Kinesiology. Additionally, Alix has graduated from The University of Queensland with a Masters of Physiotherapy.

She has completed extensive work in developing a health and wellness app with one of the leading worldwide sport research institutions, VALD Performance. VALD works with elite teams such as the NBA, NFL, AFL and English Premier League to measure and improve the performance of elite athletes. Alix also has her Group Fitness Instructing qualification and has an extensive background teaching a variety of land and water-based fitness classes.

In conjunction with her sports, health and fitness background, Alix shares a personal background in chronic pain management that led her into the field of physiotherapy. Alix has a passion for helping those with spinal and also chronic pain conditions including osteo-arthritis, back pain, knee conditions and shoulder pain. With additional training in clinical pilates and exercise based rehabilitation, Alix’s runs popular classes here at Synergy to help patients restore their health and vitality within a supportive physiotherapy led environment.

In addition to her passion for helping those with chronic pain and injury, Alix also has expertise in vestibular problems, balance and neurological conditions including Parkinsons and BPPV.

Alix enjoys incorporating various manual therapy techniques, combined with tailored exercise to provide optimal symptom relief and improve function. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge with clients to help them live their most fulfilling life.

Like to book an appointment Alix? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

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Michelle Holmes

Physiotherapist and Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Pilates and Women’s Health

Michelle qualified with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology and has subsequently completed her Master of Physiotherapy at UQ. Michelle was the recipient of both the Judith Gould and APA Queensland Branch awards upon graduation for academic and clinical practice excellence.

As both an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and qualified Physiotherapist Michelle has extensive experience and has furthered her qualifications pilates reformer, pregnancy pilates and more recently in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

She has extensive experience working with a diverse range of populations including:

  • High performance athletes in swimming, Netball, Basketball, AFL and the NRL, musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries
  • Women’s Health conditions such as incontinence, prolapse, menopause and pregnancy related conditions such as pelvic pain
  • Pregnancy and post-partum conditions including exercise management for abdominal separation and return to higher intensity exercise after pregnancy
  • Post-operative care following shoulder, hip and knee replacements
  • Exercise oncology
  • Metabolic conditions such as heart disease and diabetes

Michelle has a passion for women’s health and delivering group exercise classes. Michelle utilises a range of physio manual therapy techniques and enjoys combining these with her accredited exercise physiology expertise to help get you back to what you love sooner! Michelle looks forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your health and rehabilitation goals.

Like to book an appointment Michelle? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

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Brigitte Grofski


Brigitte graduated from the University of Queensland with a Masters of Physiotherapy. Since graduating, Brigitte has worked in various clinics with a focus on expert management of acute sports injuries and musculoskeletal disorders. Brigitte has expertise and interest in treating injuries of the knee including acute ligament or meniscal tears, post -operative care for knee replacement or chronic knee pain. She also has expertise in acute ankle conditions, shoulder pain and shoulder impingement as well as hip conditions.

Over the last four years Brigitte sporting expertise has offered her the opportunity to work with multiple sporting teams such as Northern Territory Netball ANL team, USC Thunder Netball team and USC Barbarians Rugby Club Men’s and Women’s teams. Brigitte is passionate about helping and guiding patients step by step on their rehabilitation journey to return to sport, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle following injury and orthopaedic surgery.

Brigitte is also currently completing her DMA Clinical Pilates Level Two certification and Yoga Teaching Training.

In addition to her expertise in sports injury management, Brigitte has also completed pelvic pain education and Post-Partum Exercise therapy courses to further expand her knowledge of exercise therapy and rehabilitation for women’s health and our post-partum women.

In combination with her experience, these studies have provided Brigitte with and integrated and holistic model of treatment strategies to facilitate recovery and a return to healthy lifestyles and wellbeing for her patients.

Like to book an appointment Brigitte? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

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Felicity McNally

Physiotherapist, Pilates

Felicity graduated from the University of East Anglia in 2005.  Her career has been very diverse to date and has spanned musculoskeletal outpatients, rehabilitation following replacement surgery, knee hip and shoulder surgery as well as work within the private orthopaedic hospital setting.

Felicity has also worked as a senior physiotherapist managing a department co-ordinating a chronic disease rehabilitation service, including a cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation group, diabetes education, inpatient rehabilitation, aged care, multi-trauma orthopaedic conditions and chronic pain.

In 2009 Felicity moved to New Zealand and worked in private practice treating all injuries and long term conditions that would present from a very active population.  This included golfers, tennis players, winter sports injuries and mountain bikers of all age groups.

Felicity has completed extensive training in Pilates, exercise rehabilitation and chronic pain management.  She works with a very holistic approach accounting for the all components of a person’s life.  Felicity is very experienced at dealing with complex situations with warmth and a problem solving mind to help you reach your goals.

Felicity can help you address your pain, movement and lifestyle limitations holding you back from being your best with her expertise.

Like to book an appointment Felicity? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

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Candice Graetz

Physiotherapist, Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Candice graduated from Monash University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy. She underwent further university study completing a post-graduate Certificate in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal Conditions in Women at The University of Melbourne in 2016.  Since becoming a physiotherapist, she has worked in private practices and continence clinics on the Mornington Peninsula, before moving to the Sunshine Coast in 2021.

Because of her passion for exercise and movement, Candice has completed extensive pilates training and has years of experience teaching individual and group classes helping people manage and overcome a variety of musculoskeletal and sports injuries. She enjoys educating and inspiring people to use movement to achieve stronger, healthier and happier bodies.

Candice enjoys treating hip, back and shoulder pain but also has a strong interest in pelvic health and treats a number of pelvic health concerns for men and women. This includes pelvic girdle pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic & sexual pain, abdominal separation, pre & postnatal care, pre & post prostate surgery, incontinence and other bladder or bowel problems.

Her physiotherapy practice utilises education, exercise therapy and manual therapy techniques tailored to each individual to maximise injury recovery and improve overall health and function.

Candice’s additional training includes DMA Pilates Level 1 & 2, Polestar Pilates Australia Comprehensive Rehabilitation Series Certificate, Shoulder rehabilitation (Lyn Watson), The Sports Thorax (LJ Lee), Dry Needling, AMTA Pelvic & Lumbar Spine (Barbara Hungerford), Diastasis & The Abdominal Wall and Female Sexual Pain (Australian Physiotherapy Association)

Candice has played high level tennis, playing state grade Victorian Pennant (now called Premier League), national and international tournaments, as well as playing college tennis in The United States. She now loves social basketball, nature walks, running and yoga. Candice looks forward to meeting you and helping you become empowered to reach your health goals.

Like to book an appointment Candice? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

Rebecca Horrocks - Synergy Physio
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Rebecca Reiss (nee’ Horrocks)

Physiotherapist, Women’s Health and Pilates- Currently on maternity leave.

Rebecca graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013 with honours. Rebecca completed her honours research thesis on knee osteoarthritis and has a wealth of knowledge about both conservative and post surgical knee rehabilitation.

Since graduation Rebecca has gained further post graduate qualifications in women’s health physiotherapy and has experience treating a variety of pelvic and pelvic floor conditions. These include; incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, pelvic pain, pregnancy related pelvic pain, postnatal pelvic floor tears and postnatal stomach muscle separation.

Rebecca also has additional training in pessary fitting, which offers women conservative management options for incontinence and prolapse and can help many women avoid surgical management.

Rebecca is passionate about helping women both prepare and recover their body’s during and after pregnancy, and has developed her “Birth and Beyond” course for expectant and new mums that she runs here at Synergy at regular intervals throughout the year.

Rebecca is also an advanced gymnastics coach and has been teaching gymnastics for over 11 years. Rebecca has been involved in developing injury prevention screening tools and enjoys working with athletes and children on injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Rebecca’s additional training includes:

      • Advanced Manual Therapy Associates: MET for Pelvis, Lumbar Spine, Thorax and Cervical Spine (Barbara Hungerford)
      • The Sporting Thorax (LJ Lee)
      • Pilates qualifications through the Pilates institute of Queensland
      • Musculoskeletal Acupuncture and Dry Needling (Leigh McCutcheon)
      • Women’s Health Training Associates- introductory and also advanced pelvic rehabilitation, pessary fitting (Taryn Hallam)
      • The dancing athlete- (Unite health)

Like to book an appointment Bec? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

Book online with Cache

Cache Carpenter

Remedial Massage Therapist

Cache has come to The Sunshine Coast from Kona, Hawaii to combine both his passions, the ocean and touch. Cache has his diploma in Remedial Massage and feels honoured to be apart of the oldest healing modality that we know of. He is passionate about using massage for both clinical and relaxation benefits.

Cache strives to treat the whole person and tailors each treatment so the client can achieve the best possible results for overall health and wellbeing. Cache strongly believes that massage should be used regularly for its benefits of calming the mind and disconnecting from the outside world. Cache’s treatments are effective and unique because he is able to adapt his style to different clinical situations. Cache can offer a variety of techniques such as myofascial release, trigger-point therapy, Swedish relaxation, deep tissue, myofasical cupping, lymphatic drainage, and pregnancy massage.

Cache works together with the Synergy Physio team to optimise your recovery from pain or injury. He cannot wait to meet you and assist you with your health.

Like to book an appointment? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

Monica Hille
Book online with Keely

Keely Rosenthal

Remedial Massage Therapist – currently on maternity leave

Keely has her diploma in remedial massage and is passionate about utilising massage as a maintenance tool for injury prevention and overall body balance. Keely firmly believes that in today’s hectic and stressful world, massage should not be considered a luxury but an essential component in managing health, calming the nervous system and addressing muscular imbalances in the body.

Keely welcomes each client with an individual and tailored approach to her treatments. She has worked alongside physiotherapists for several years, during which time she has a large cross section of clients ranging from young elite athletes to the elderly. Along with Keely’s diploma, she is also qualified in deep tissue, trigger point therapy, relaxation and pregnancy massage. She is also studying to become a practitioner of Aromatic Medicine.

Keely is a welcomed part of the Synergy Physio team and works together with your physiotherapist to assist you recover from pain and injury. Keely looks forward to meeting you and assisting you with your health through the benefits of massage.

Like to book an appointment Keely? Contact us on: 07 5448 3369

Reception Team

Our team is growing! Dani-ela, Nat, Jane, Ruby and Caitlin are an amazing efficient and welcomed help to entire Synergy Physio team! They warmly welcome your call to assist you with your queries or appointments!

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