• Are you struggling with pain during or after your pregnancy?
  • Difficulty or discomfort with walking, rolling over in bed or standing on one leg to get dressed?
  • Are you experiencing pelvic floor problems and would like a caring and expert team to guide your recovery?

Low back pain, pelvic pain, pelvic floor problems and rib pain during or after pregnancy can be a managed effectively with the right team of experts in women’s health!  Childbirth, hormonal and postural changes throughout pregnancy or breastfeeding can have an impact on your health and here at Synergy Physio our team offer expertise and guidance for your recovery. We have worked closely with one of Australia’s leading pelvic physiotherapist’s Dr Barbara Hungerford at Sydney Spine and Pelvis Centre and offer you expertise and professional care for your health.

At Synergy Physio we use a combination of gentle manual therapy techniques and exercise-based rehabilitation focusing on pelvic stability. Our caring approach, thorough assessment and tailored treatment to your unique needs will help you get back on track with your health. Pelvic belts are also available for purchase to assist in stabilisation of the SIJ or pubic symphysis if required.

Our Women’s Health and Pelvic floor Physiotherapist Rebecca Horrocks can also offer you a thorough assessment and individualised advice to help you with pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder problems, pelvic pain, post natal care and continence.

We are happy to help you- call us on 07 54483369 to chat to our friendly supportive team.

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Join our friendly 4 week group course “Birth and Beyond” offering you:

  • Safe pilates based exercises for both during and after pregnancy
  • Take home manual and advice on maintaining a healthy body during pregnancy and birth
  • Tips to prevent and recover from abdominal separation and pelvic floor problems
  • Return to exercise program following delivery

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Don’t let your pain of pelvic floor problems limit your life! Allow this time to be focused on the joy of pregnancy and new arrivals and allow our expert team to help you with your health. Contact us for an appointment and we look forward to helping you!

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