Why Choose Synergy Physio?

Why Choose Synergy Physio?2021-10-31T17:36:07+10:00

Experience and Expertise

Here at Synergy Physio we have accumulated over four decades of clinical experience in helping patients recover from back pain, hip pain, women’s health problems and chronic pain or injury.

We have had thousands of Sunshine Coast patients seeking our expertise as well patients travelling from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and North Queensland to resolve difficult or hard to manage problems.

Find out why Synergy Physio is trusted with our experience and expertise and contact us on 07 5448 3369 to schedule your appointment now!

We Listen and We Care

We pride ourselves in ensuring your story is heard, so we can understand your problem completely and make the best decisions to help you move forward.

We offer longer initial consultations to allow you time to share your history and goals in a safe, private and supportive environment. We respect your privacy and your dignity and understand that some problems can be difficult to share. We care about helping you reach your full potential and always seek the best solution we can to help you move forward. Sometimes this involves communication with your specialist and we always ensure excellent and professional communication with medical practitioners, specialists and radiologists to ensure your health is looked after. We take the time to understand you and your needs.

Leaders in our field with ongoing education

Our team at Synergy Physio work tirelessly to improve our skills with further education to offer the you the best service with current research for better outcomes for your health.

Owner Nichole Hamilton lectures nationally to physiotherapists, sports medicine physicians and orthopaedic surgeons on the management of hip pain, as well as running her popular one day course for therapists “The Essential Hip”. Nichole also has been a guest speaker at a variety of physiotherapy and sports medicine conferences, as well as offering podcasts and online learning with Clinical Edge Education.

All of our therapists work together with Nichole which includes weekly mentoring and support. Each therapist at Synergy Physio have each individually aspired to improve their knowledge with additional training.

Find out more about each of our Synergy Physio team members here

Collectively we work hard and go the extra mile to offer you not only the best research based clinical practice but also the best experience in recovering from pain or injury.

Find out why Synergy Physio are leaders in our field and contact us on 07 5448 3369 or simply book online!

We offer after hours and Saturday appointments

We know and understand that sometimes it is hard to juggle work and family life with health care appointments. For that reason, we offer before and after work times as well as Saturday appointments to help you! Simply book online!

We Offer Free Phone Consultations

Are you a sunshine coast local and simply have some questions about your health? Not sure if physiotherapy is what you need to help your recovery? We offer a FREE phone consultation for sunshine coast locals. Find out more!

We Educate

Not only are we educators in the physiotherapy field, but our goal is always to help you learn how to help yourself! We offer you thorough explanations of your diagnosis as well as treatment plan so you leave the clinic with a better understanding of how to help yourself. We also offer online learning for patients including our Six Step Healthy Hip Program for bursitis, Tips for Hips- Osteo-arthritis and Tips for Hips- FAI.

We also offer FREE online videos to help you with your health as well instructional videos to manage yoga injuries.

We love to help you through education and throughout the year offer a variety of courses and classes to help you reach your potential and improve your health. See our events page for upcoming courses!

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the service or care you receive at Synergy Physio, we happily refund the cost of your consultation with our 30-day money back guarantee.

We work as a team to help you

Each therapist here at Synergy Physio has their own unique expertise and we work together as a team to ensure you have the best outcome with your health. We all support and understand each other’s strengths with regular in-house training and mentoring to ensure our patients have the best possible care.

We offer a broad range of services to support and encourage you

We offer manual therapy with our physiotherapy and remedial massage team to help relieve your pain. We offer thorough biomechanical assessment as well as real time ultrasound assessment for a complete diagnosis and understanding of the root cause of your problem as well as a plan to resolve it. We offer complete educational packages to help you understand what to do to help yourself and this includes online videos and personalised courses including mindfulness meditation for pain relief. We also offer small group classes that can help your strength, posture, stability, bone health and balance- all to guide you toward better health with a team of professionals who understand and care! 

From start to finish your health is our priority and we aim to help and guide you to reaching your full potential and goals. Find out more about our services!

Would you like to know more or simply have some questions? Don’t delay with your health and get back to doing the things you love! Feel free to contact our friendly reception team on 07 5448 3369 or simply book online

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