Common myths about running

Common myths about running


There are several myths that persist about running. Some of the myths prevent many people from trying running as a form of exercise, other myths simply need clarification to prevent injuries!

Let’s explore the most common running myths here.

1- You should always stretch before running. Static stretching prior to any aerobic activity is not recommended. Instead opt for a short dynamic warmup to elevate your heart rate and get your blood flowing which is far better for your joints and muscles than called static stretching.

2- You need to be skinny and fit to be able to run. Not true. Elevating your heart rate with interval running is great for your body and also your mind. It is true that runners of a particular body type may choose to become elite versus non-elite. However runners come in all shapes and sizes and there is no need to be a particular body type to be able to run.

3- Competitive runners don’t need to do strength based training. Not true. It is actually proven with research that heavy weight resistance training added to endurance athletes actually significantly increases running performance. And it is well established that a variety of exercise types and activities is far healthier for our bodies.

4- Running will ruin your knees. It is common to hear this amongst runners however the research has proven that this is completely false. The most obvious thing is that running helps keep your body weight down, which in actual fact can benefit your joints. Researchers have also conducted studies that show running can benefit the cartilage health in your knees. As with the majority of running injuries, it is not running itself that causes knee injury, it is training error or load management errors. Like to know the 3 essential tips you need to manage knee pain? Click here

5- Cushioned shoes will prevent injury. No shoes will actually prevent injury. Running, like any sport, carries a certain risk for a variety of injuries and cushioned shoes are no better or worse for your joints in injury prevention. Shoe choice will completely depend on the runner, on their foot type, their running style and load and also their personal preference. Some runners choose more cushion shoes due to their biomechanics some choose lightweight footwear.  It is best to seek the advice of a physiotherapist or podiatrist to determine which shoe type is best for you. Here at Synergy Physio we can assess your foot type, your ankle mobility and your running pattern to help you determine which shoes might be best for you. Are your feet contributing to your hip pain? Find out more here

6- Runners can eat anything they want without gaining weight. Sadly, this isn’t true. At the end of the day if you consume more calories than you use then you’re going to end up gaining weight. The optimal way to manage your weight is to manage your calorie intake in conjunction with keeping fit with exercise. Like to learn about healthy eating? Click here

Here are some of the facts about running

1- Running can boost your mood. There is significant research to show that elevating your heart rate with activities such as running can reduce stress, anxiety and also help us with our happy “feel good” chemicals in the brain which result in a boost in your mood and a reduced predisposition to depressive symptoms.

2- Running helps build strong bones. Any weight bearing exercise can help with bone density and running is a great way to build on bone health. Like to know more about bone health? Read more here

3- Running can improve your sleep quality. Regular exercise is beneficial for good quality sleep! Like to know more about sleep? Click here

The Synergy Physio team love to help you with your health! We offer biomechanical assessment, a thorough treatment plan and can also check your running technique!

Have you recently had a baby and wanting to return to running? Read this essential guide here

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