Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage

There are many benefits for having a pregnancy massage with a qualified health professional throughout your pregnancy!

Here at Synergy Physio our massage therapist Keely is a qualified remedial massage therapist with additional training in pregnancy massage and she has our own pregnancy massage table here specifically designed for your comfort during your massage.

So, what are the benefits of pregnancy massage and how can it help you through your pregnancy and toward your delivery?

One of the primary benefits to pregnancy massage is to reduce stress!

Studies done in the past 10 years showing that hormone levels associated with relaxation and stress are significantly altered when massage therapy is introduced to a woman’s prenatal care. A reduction in cortisol (one of the stress hormones) and an increase in the level of dopamine and serotonin (relaxation and ‘happy’ hormones) can occur with massage therapy.

Calming your stress hormones is important especially in the lead up to your labour and delivery. Making sure your stress levels are managed and you are able to experience moments of calm relaxation is important preparation for your labour. During labour it’s important to learn calm breathing techniques in order to relax the pelvic floor for delivery.

Like to know more about calm delivery techniques? Ask about our next Birth and Beyond Pregnancy workshop with our women’s health physio and pregnancy yoga teacher Caitlin Pender!

It can be quite common for women to feel naturally a little anxious in the lead up to delivery. Women can have a slightly elevated stress and anxiety levels in anticipation of their new arrival and with the uncertainty that may follow! Regular pregnancy massage can help calm the nervous system, reduce cortisol levels and prepare your body for the relaxation response which is required for optimal and safe delivery. Calming your stress response can also help with mood regulation and reduced muscle tension.

Naturally there are other benefits to pregnancy massage including reducing aches and pains that are common in pregnancy. Read more about pregnancy aches and pains here. These aches and pains can include lower back pain, pelvic pain, rib and upper back pain. Whenever joints are painful or tight you can have surrounding muscle spasm which contributes to a loss of movement and pain. Massage therapy can help release tight muscles and improve circulation which can help ease symptoms.

Like to know more about pregnancy aches and pains and what to do about them? See our online Birth and Beyond program to help you through your pregnancy here!

Another benefit to pregnancy massage of course is to improve circulation and reduce signs of swelling. It can be a common problem especially towards the end of pregnancy to have swelling in the lower limbs if you are standing or sitting for prolonged periods or time. Massage therapy has the benefit of improving circulation and reducing swelling.

Our massage therapist Keely has her expertise and nurturing soul to provide you with your pregnancy massage- we look forward to welcoming you here to our clinic!

The Synergy Physio team love to help women like you with their health!

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