Osteoporosis and Bone Health!

The health of our bones is a topic of women’s health that can get left behind in the dust trail of other women’s health conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and pelvic pain. Many women do not understand the importance of bone health and fail to even recognise factors that can improve it! Bone health is another facet of women’s health that needs more attention- let’s shed some light on this!

Some facts about bones:

  • Our bones are the fundamental framework for our body.
  • Bones protect our organs! For example, the lungs in the rib cage, the bladder/ bowel and uterus in the pelvis and the brain in the skull.
  • Bones make blood cells and store minerals.
  • By 30 years of age your bone reaches maximum density
  • Bone responds positively to loading and gets stronger and more robust with activities such as jumping, climbing stairs and other weight-bearing activities
  • Osteopenia is a term used to describe when the protein and mineral content of bone is reduced and often progresses to osteoporosis.
  • Osteoporosis is a medical condition describing when the body’s bones become brittle and can start to fracture under previous normal activities.

Every woman needs to keep their bones healthy!

Did you know 43% of women over 70 years have osteoporosis and are at risk of breaking their bones!!

You can keep your bones healthy by:

  • Keeping active!! Unfortunately swimming and walking are not enough for bone health. Bones require loaded exercise such as jumping, boxing, pilates, and resistance work such as weight training.
  • Get some sun-safe sunshine. The sun helps our bodies produce vitamin D. The cancer council recommends a few minutes outdoors on most days.
  • Eat Calcium rich foods including milk, cheese, yoghurt, broccoli, tofu and fortified almond milk.

It is never too late to try and improve your bone density! If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia you can improve your bone health with exercise, diet, sunshine and supplements from your medical professional! If you would like to read more information on bone health follow this link:

Bone Health at Synergy Physio

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