Help for the Gym-phobics!

If you knew there was a simple, research-based way to control your weight, boost your mood, improve your sleep, prevent diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease, improve your brain health and memory as well as reduce pain- would you be interested?

Exercise! The most commonly undervalued, overlooked yet simple solution to many health conditions! We all know the benefits and they have been proven time and time again in the research. Yet for many people starting a healthy exercise routine can be an obstacle. Some of the barriers we have found include

  • Injury can prevent your healthy exercise routine, so it’s important to seek treatment and recover! Simply having an accurate diagnosis and a plan on what to avoid and how to help yourself can mean all the difference. Ask about our free phone consultation to help you get on back on track with your health!
  • Motivation!  Like push starting a car, getting enough momentum can be tough at first. Solutions are encouragement, routine, support and a group of people to help cheer you on!
  • No Time– it can be common to put our own health at the bottom of the list of the day’s priorities. The question is- how long can you do this for before your health is affected? Both men and women can regularly use this excuse, and part of the solution is to realise that your health is one of your top priorities! Read here a few more essential health tips for women.
  • Intimidation– are you someone who feels a little overwhelmed in the gym environment? Does the thought of boot camp scare you a little? Would you like to start a weights routine to help your health, but just not sure where to start? Finding the right exercise in a safe supported environment for your bodies needs without the fear factor is essential to get you started. This is where the support of an accredited exercise physiologist can be essential!

Here at Synergy Physio your health is our priority and we will be offering more opportunities for you to improve your health! We offer you supportive exercise rehabilitation classes to suit all ages and stages to get your health on track! We offer our unique PHYSIO-FIT class- designed to help the gym phobics who KNOW they need weights training but not sure where to start. This 45 min group class includes resistance work, balance and core strengthening. This can help with osteoporosis, arthritis, pain management and cardiovascular disease all with positive and fun group support. We also offer mums and bubs exercise rehabilitation that includes pilates, group reformer exercise classes and our physio-flow yoga inspired class.

Tailored exercise can also help with

  • Osteoporosis and arthritis- read more about osteoporosis here
  • Chronic pain and fatigue
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation (hip/knee replacement, ACL reconstruction, etc)
  • Cardiovascular/ pulmonary disease
  • Neuromuscular exercise therapy (MS, Parkinson’s, etc)
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity and more

Most importantly, Synergy Physio exercise groups can help people move and exercise their way, safely and correctly, to a healthier lifestyle. Health fund rebates apply.

So if this sounds like you, and you need a little help starting your exercise routine in a safe supported environment Contact us today on 07 5448 3369 

Here at Synergy Physio we love helping you with your health. Explore more about our team and how we can help you here! 

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About the Author:

Nichole is a physiotherapist, yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher. She passionate about women's health, physiotherapy and education- all to benefit you and your health! She lectures regularly at physiotherapy and orthopaedic conferences on the management of hip and pelvic pain. Her expert knowledge has also been shared on popular podcasts and online learning platforms including The Yoga Physio, Clinical Edge online learning, Physioedge podcast, My Hip Pain Relief and World Health Webinars. She looks forward to sharing her expertise and inspiring you toward better health- mind body and heart.

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